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Bull Nose 26

Landing Craft for Recreational, Commercial & Law-Enforcement applications.

Boat pictured is a Bull Nose 26'x10' designed with a removable canopy. Twin outboard powered.

Boats are available in stock sizes from 20’ to commercial sizes of 48’x15.


• 1/4" Hull Bottom 5052
• 3/16" sides/deck 5052
• Self-draining tread plate floor
• C/SC Console, aluminum pipe frame, plexi shield
• 38 Gal fuel tank built-in, inspection plates
• Bow locker, 6-6" cleats, stern lifting lugs
• 6 breaker panel, horn, 12V receptacle
• Stern full-seat locker
• Helm with hydraulic steering Navigation
• lights
• Heavy extrusion framing-vert/horiz/longitudinal
• 25" transom
• Pipe gunnel
• Full hull extension x beam w/ full O/B motor well
• Centre keel wear bar
• Standard 36" sides

• Ask about power & propulsion options
• Front console seat with cushion<
• Stern seat cushion
• Push knees
• Hand crane w/ pocket
• Additional hand crane pockets
• Motor guard
• Cargo tie-down lug
• railing backrest
• Side rub rails (x2 rails)
• Wheelhouse Eyebrow
• 1" pipe railing per foot
• 5083 alloy construction
• sides/bottom
• Ice package
• I/O configuration
• 48"-72" wide bow gate, winch, safe chain
• 8" gunnels
• Windshield wipers heavy duty (each)
• Hull side access door
• Tow bollard
• Side storage boxes watertight 6'
• Side storage boxes non-watertight 6'
• 30" sides
• 42" sides
• Partial enclosed wheel house wide angle
• w/Viewflex & sunbrella curtains to close in
• w/Solid enclosure instead of viewflex
• Full walk-thru windshield on dual consoles
• Partially enclosed wheel house 6'x4'
• Fully enclosed wheel house 6'x4'
• Custom wheelhouse sizes available
• T-top and deluxe console
• Fuel tank size upgrade
• Ask about other options you may require

TWO HARBOURS MARINE is a leading sales outlet for Custom Welded Aluminum Boats manufactured in our yards across North America. These attractive, tough boats are "built to last", with multi-year guarantees against structural failure. TWO HARBOURS boats are manufactured from 3/16" or 1/4"thick, 5052, 5083/5086 marine grade aluminum. The latest technologies are used to ensure the quality and durability that TWO HARBOURS Custom Boats has become synonymous with in the marine industry. Ranging in length from 16' to over 200', TWO HARBOURS boats are in use around the world. Look for these models... Camp Tiller, Mink, Otter, Islander, Laker, Predator (with ramps for loading ATVs), Pulsecraft or Transporter Series (Aluminum Landing Craft, Oil Spill Boom Deployment Boats), Blackbill, Cruiser, Voyager (Hard Top and Sport), Bull Nose, Bull Head (Custom Aluminum Landing Craft, Oil Spill Response Boats), Aluminum Trawlers, Aluminum Fireboats, Aluminum Fishing Boats, (Hard Top and Sport). For pleasure, commercial, or law-enforcement applications choose Custom Boats from TWO HARBOURS MARINE.

For information and pricing on TWO HARBOURS Aluminum Boats call Mike at TWO HARBOURS MARINE 905-799-6379, toll-free at 866-313-3038, fax 905-791-2869, or visit the Home of Custom Aluminum Welded Boats at www.twoharbours.com