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Watch videos of our products!

Below you will find various videos of the products we sell.


TWO HARBOURS MARINE is Stanley factory sales for STANLEY Custom Welded Aluminum Boats and Landing Craft. These attractive, tough boats are "built to last", with a multi-year guarantee against structural failure. STANLEY boats are manufactured from 3/16" or 1/4"thick, 5052 and 5083 marine grade aluminum. The latest technologies are used to ensure the quality and durability that STANLEY Custom Boats has become synonymous with in the marine industry. Ranging in length from 17' to 45', STANLEY boats are Coast Guard approved. Look for these models... Camp Tiller, Mink, Islander, Penetrator (with ramps for loading ATVs), Pulsecraft (Aluminum Landing Craft, Oil Spill Boom Deployment Boats), Blackbill, Cruiser (Hard Top and Sport), Bull Nose (Custom Aluminum Landing Craft, Oil Spill Response Boats), Aluminum Trawlers, Aluminum Fireboats, Aluminum Fishing Boats, (Hard Top and Sport). For pleasure, commercial, or law-enforcement applications choose STANLEY Custom Boats and Landing Craft from TWO HARBOURS MARINE.

TWO HARBOURS MARINE is also sales and service for custom boat trailers. They are available in painted or galvanized, bunk or roller configurations and are sized to handle boats from 17' to 36' in length. In addition to a custom welded aluminum boat by STANLEY Custom Boats, a galvanized boat trailer is an excellent choice for a durable and low maintenance boating package. There is also the option of choosing a STANLEY-built custom aluminum trailer to match your new boat. Contact Mike at TWO HARBOURS MARINE for more information.